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Our Places


The hotel offers an exiting landscape on Taormina

Exiting landscapes, breath-taking view, pure Mediterranean nature and the blue of the Ionian Sea is the ideal mix to cheer up the mind far away from the chaotic everyday life. Savoca is a parallel dimension in which every stone is history and a solid support to let thoughts extend to the horizon.

It will be a pleasure to read a book, sunbathe sipping a drink, taste our chefs delicacies delighted by the perfumes of the Mediterranean scrub, the orange and lemon blossoms and the fresh hill breeze. The aroma of the jasmine at sunset will give more emphasis to the moonlight reflected on the sea.

You will experience the desire to slowly taste the flavors of our typical food. It will be exiting to dwell upon hidden tastes: the excellent wines, the fruit ripened at warmth of the Sicilian sun, the fresh fish of our sea.

Sicily is a land to enjoy and touch. The desire to touch will be tickled by its history and monuments, the ochre rocks and green trees.

The whisper of the breeze accompanies the crickets chant in the sunny summer afternoons interrupted only by the whistles of the hawks courting their mates and the cicadas chanting to the moon in the evening. A location of peace and tranquility! Did you ever try to listen to silence?