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The meeting room


Borgo San Rocco Resort offers the possibility to take advantage of the near Philharmonic Centerin Savoca which holds cultural initiatives such as exhibitions and concerts.

The building was realized restructuring 
an ancient deconsecrated church taking special care on the acoustics. The room accommodates up to 100 people inside an architectonic wooden work shaped as a vessel keel.

Borgo San Rocco Resort will be glad to organize for its guests business meetings, workshopsand congresses. 


The church of the SS. Immacolata is one of the numerous churches in Savoca built in the most radiant phase of the town (XIII century). It was restructured in baroque style in the beginning of 1600 and annexed to the convent of S. Francesco (1631). It remained a worship venue until the first years after World War II when it was abandoned and deconsecrated. In 2003 an expert renovation of the church brought it back to be one of the focal points in the Savoca panorama with the origin of the new Philharmonic Center.